J. Craig Venter Institute Net Zero Energy video series

Earlier this year, US Green Building Council provided grant funds to the San Diego Green Building Council in order to further develop their educational library content. We were awarded grant funds and tasked with creating educational content focused on green building, sustainability and LEED. Being located in the San Diego region, there are many issues that came to mind including water conservation, rising energy costs, air quality and pollution. We wanted to profile a project that is successfully addressing many of these issues.

We selected the J. Craig Venter Institute, a not for profit genomic focused research institute with approximately 250 scientists and staff. Their researchers are engaged in a variety of genomic programs including human, microbial, synthetic genomics as well as policy research and educational outreach.

J. Craig Venter Institute sought to create the first Net Zero Energy/Water laboratory in the world. This was no small feat and required extensive energy creation via PV solar along with innovative mechanical engineering, progressive design and architecture and occupant participation.

Below is a link to the video series we created to tell the story and go behind the scenes of how they created the first Net Zero energy laboratory in the US, if not in the world.

Venter Institute


Big thanks to all that contributed to the contribution of this series

Bob Friedman of the J. Craig Venter Institute

Ted Hyman of ZGF Architects LLP

Doss Mabe of ZGF Architects LLP

Peter Rumsey of Point Energy Innovations

John McDonald of Integral Group