Throwback Thursday: SSW09 Rollergirls shoot

Today, I wanted to go over a shoot I did a while back. This was one of the many shoots we did for the SSW09(Single Speed Worlds 2009) and the theme was Rollergirls. Jon Bailey was art directing he needed a strong image to be the centerfold of the race magazine. We really didn’t have a plan, we just pulled in a group of beautiful women, fun costumes and a random old leather sofa.

Jon said he wanted it shot on white so he could extract the image it if necessary. I don’t have a cyc in my studio so it was going to be white seamless. Since it was a group shot, the standard nine feet width wasn’t going to be wide enough for the shot. We taped two long sheets together to create a 15′ white seamless with the intention of PSing the seam out. Even this was tight on some of the shots we did with 5 girls skating.

As for lighting, I didn’t try to get too creative. Since it was group shot with unforseeable setups, I thought it was best to keep it simple so I could concentrate on working with the models. I ended up setting up two 45″ umbrellas at 45 degrees off the camera. I know, boring and predictable, but it was effective. I also put two strobes with reflectors at the edges of the background acting as rim lights.

Since the girls were rollerskating…really fast, we needed fans to simulate wind. Remember, this is Durango, CO. There is no Hollywood Grip, Prop & Supply rental house. We had to figure out where to find some powerful fans. Fortunately, Bailey’s next door neighbor is a concrete floor setter. He had big industrial fans that he uses to dry floors that he pours. Perfect!

Now, it was just time to get the girls in and play around. Here are some shots.